beginning to plan

IMG_5351_2 The girls have heard the phrase, "We'll do that when the yoga event is over..." many times.  And now we've arrived.  We've made so many lists of things to make, bake, do for others, places to go, books to read, etc., that we're all charged up for living exciting, full days.  That only ever happens here with intentional planning.

IMG_5362_3 IMG_5383_2

Some of our goals:

  1. Reinstitute "baking day" weekly
  2. Do an activity from I Love Dirt (a book full of nature-exploration activities) daily
  3. Bake a gingerbread cookie family--play with them and then eat them
  4. Start a Shiffler family book club
  5. Plan a multi-family kickball game that lasts through the summer

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Any special plans or goals for your family this spring?