before 7am...








Some mornings, like this Friday morning, there is so much living already taking place before 7:00am.  While I'm trying to savor a few moments of quiet, there is reading and playing and making.  Without much of a choice (especially when little Rowan likes to crawl really close to the edge of the bed) I make my way out of bed while my room is still somewhat dark, and sit up in bed.  Everyone greets Rowan first and then they, so rested and jolly, want to know what we're doing that day, eating for breakfast, when we're swimming....

I usually get over being awoken early and enjoy all of the snuggles and talking on my bed.  With help from the five kids to wake up, I usually fold a load of clothes before we head downstairs to think about breakfast.

I'm tired this morning, but someday I'll miss all the activity.  Seeing these snippets of our life through pictures makes me sentimental.  The piles of clothes always outside everyone's doors upstairs.  Children's books left in our bedroom from the night before and piles of bobby pins on my dresser after days of ballet class.  Little treasures the girls make and then give to me prominently displayed on my dresser.

What goes on before 7 am in your house?

the sleepy time gal