Be Organized

Early this year I realized that there was more I was wanting from my life. My day would pass by, filled with activities, but at the end of the day, I wasn't perfectly satisfied. So I made an extensive list of everything that I usually dream about doing someday when I have more time. (Right, like that day is really coming!) In the food category, I wanted to make my family's bread and healthy snack. I wanted to start a little garden and serve veggies sometimes at lunchtime.

I took my list of everything I wanted in my life, sat down over the course of a couple days, and meticulously figured out a calendar, a schedule, of this life I so desperately wanted. The photo shows the chart I made specifically for Caroline. Many of my goals I was able to plan into our day, with her as my side kick, equally benefiting. For example, having a "baking time" with Caroline is when I accomplish the bread making, healthy snack, making doughs to freeze, bagging mixes, etc. Caroline usually starts helping me but ends up leaving me to play. I've learned to make this baking time happen, no matter what, whether it is putting little Johanna in the highchair next to me or saving Caroline's cartoon time for during my kitchen time. If something important comes up during my baking time, I fit it in another part of that day. That is why Sunday is so important for me to decide, based on my week, what I have time to do on Monday, baking day.

What is it then, that you are wanting now but don't know how to fit it in, make it happen, etc., when it comes to you and your family's eating/eating experiences?

1. Make a list: what is it you dream of "when you have more time"?

2. Sit down and decide what you could actually fit into your life and then FIT IT. There is always a way. If Saturdays are your only free day, decide to do your goal then, like the baking, or meal prep for the following week, freezing meals to have on hand, etc.

3. Write it down. You could write your new plan in our organizer, make a chart, or simply write it on a post it note and stick it on the fridge to remind you.