Be Inspired

To all of you moms and moms-to-be: check out this book! It has more than inspired me, it has solidified my approach to mothering my children.

Amanda Soule, the author, creates the perfect world of inspirational, unifying, and enlivening activities and approaches to life with children.

Some of my favorite ideas from the book:

  • Scan or copy your childrens' artwork and have printed onto note cards to use as thank you cards or Christmas cards

  • Teach beginning sewing to boys and girls with an embroidery hoop, fabric, a blunt needle, and embroidery floss and let kids (3 years and up) stitch in and out any design they choose

  • Make time daily or weekly for Family Drawing Time around the table. Each child has their own real sketch pad for the activity (and to be used for nature drawing outside, etc.), as your family quietly works individually, but together, being creative.

  • Make Inspiration Boards for each child, where they can keep pictures they made, clippings from magazines, things found in nature, close to where they "create" to inspire them.

  • Host annual Family Art Nights in your home for friends and family to see the displayed creations of your children from throughout the year.

  • Garden with your children and allow a patch of land specifically for them to plan out, design, and plant their own vegetation and watch them grow.

I love the feeling you get from the book, one of being totally involved and in tune to your children as you help mold their creative selves.

(Caroline getting into her masterpiece.)