baking day: better mixes

{18 more boxes arrived in Ishinomaki.  Check out the STG flickr group to see!}


What a special birthday I had, indeed, because of so many birthday wishes from you.  The day itself was hard (still fighting fevers, pink eye, and sickness--day 9, but who's counting!), but Bobby took me out in the evening and it was everything I was needing.  So thank you all for such sweet messages throughout the day.

Well, as I have been hoping for, Baking Day has officially begun again during the week here.  I now begin Baking Day on a quiet afternoon with the older girls.


And it has been quite successful since I don't have to limit our baking list to the twin's attention span sitting in a high chair.  On Sunday, the girls and I make our list, something special for them as a snack for the week, breakfast baked goods, and baking mixes to prep.

Since I last wrote about baking mixes, we've improved the whole process!  Now when I'm working with one of the girls measuring and filling our mixes, Caroline is at the table making each individual label for the mixes.


I simply make a note at the bottom of the rather large label as to where the recipe is so I can finish adding the wet ingredients when we're ready to use the mix.


Voila!  Our now beautiful baking mixes.  Each of my girls helped do what they love best to contribute to them.


And, of course, by request for their special snack during the week, the promised gingerbread family.


What are you baking this week??