baking day

It is amazing how excited children get to actually be little chefs in the kitchen.    Today we re-instituted baking day.  Baking day used to mean a lot of things, but now it simply means "bake a healthy snack to be enjoyed throughout the week" day.  Sometimes it's something sweet, sometimes it's savory, either way the girls get involved and excitedly anticipate the timer going off.

We made Martha Stewart's Parmesan Rosemary Crackers from her Baking Handbook.  Everyone had a job and learned something new about the whole process, all while dough was being sneaked.  (If only they knew that their own mother did the same thing as a little girl.)

Sometimes the snacks we bake are delicious and sometimes the girls only eat what we've made once (and that's just because they made it!)  But there is something magical about creating with your hands, sharing the work, and then receiving the reward and celebrating it together-- this has always been one of my favorite tasks of a Tuesday.