annual bake off


 Good morning to you, friends.  I hope you had a wonderful weekend.  I'm happy to say that our Bake Off continues to grow and surprise me every year.  I'm always amazed with what moms and their children come up with for the Bake Off.

First things first: the Shiffler entry actually tied in first place this year!  Our spiced-pumpkin doughnuts did the trick this year.  (I could use one right now.)  They tied with the rice krispie sushi.







(Caroline sharing the trophy with the little sushi-maker.)

It is always a fun, memorable day for moms and children.  Thanks to all of you who participated and made memories baking with your kids!


Host your own annual Mommy/Child Bake Off.  Here is our PDF of the flier and guidelines we use.   All of the information is there to begin your own.  Just choose a date and email or print out the fliers and guidelines.  It is one of our favorite fall experiences together.


the sleepy time gal