bake off 2010

IMG_4176 I'm interrupting the Home Repurposing series this week to get your mouth watering from yesterday's Bake Off here in our very own extremely damp backyard.

Our family's exciting contribution were little gingerbread babies.  Have you read Gingerbread Baby written by Jane Brett?  A favorite around here.  Instead of waiting for Christmas time to make gingerbread babies (as I've promised), we decided this was the perfect baked good for the event.  Johanna plastered hearts all over the babies and dug out belly buttons while Caroline meticulously iced faces and clothing.

IMG_4155 IMG_4184

There were many scrumptious and beautiful creations.  Thank goodness for iced lemon water to balance out the sweet.


My favorite part remains seeing how involved the children are in the creations and presentation of their baked goods.


And I love seeing children running to pick their baked good first to eat, as if they haven't had enough of their own creation.  They are so thrilled with what they've created and proud of it.


Thanks for all of the participating mamas and children.  And congrats to the Hansens--second year winning!

Here is my sample flyer for you to host your own bake off.  And here are the guidelines, too.  I'd love to hear if you start a bake off in your town!

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