Back to Optimism

My life is perfect again. Back to business, constant motion, cries, songs, and naps. Emphasis on the naps. Yes, my non-sleepers have decided life is better with a bit of shut-eye. And so, Mommy is in seventh heaven to have some consistency back.

(Which means Caroline and I can sneak downstairs during others' naps to create again!)

This weekend we enjoyed a friend's birthday party hosted by the talented Elizabeth, gorgeous cake, picturesque games, and all...

which meant making a gift I've had on my mind for a while...

A carry-all art kit. Something you could slide a standard sketch pad in along with your favorite tools: colored pencils, paint brushes, and so forth. There's that rugged wool felt again with a little boyish flair of camouflage.

Like other things I've mentioned, this "how-to" is coming soon, with the new version of this blog. The new website is coming as soon as I can convince Bobby (my web designer) that it is more important to finish the new site over his getting sleep. Wish me luck.