baby steps

IMG_6272 The whole experience of carrying, giving birth, and raising twins has humbled me.  I knew going into it that these babies would have a totally different experience than my older children had from day one, just because there were two of them.


I was so concerned all along that they wouldn't be as close to their mother or need me as much since I didn't and couldn't always provide for their needs at the first cry.  Bobby and I gave and gave that first year, carefully balancing love and nurturing for all four daughters, into the night many times, too.  Fourteen months later, and here they are before me; strong, curious, and aware.  I still worry sometimes when I can't read to both of them at the same time on my lap without one of them pulling away looking for the last book we read, me wanting so badly for them to have a normal "singleton" experience without the balancing and distractions.

But this is life as they know it, all that time and experience has shown them of the world.


And so I step back and watch, as they develop in a world always shared with the one that has been there next to them since the womb, the one always sharing their experiences with them.  Their worlds wouldn't be the same without the other.  And for this I am profoundly grateful.

the sleepy time gal