baby one, baby two



My littlest girls needed a homemade doll.  They are little toddlers just begging for something that is just their own.  Being an identical twin means a lot of sharing and, at this point, a lack of real ownership of anything besides your crib.  My friend introduced me to this simple but perfect baby waldorf doll pattern.  (I've been loving buying patterns on etsy lately--this one was $3!)

I never knew how in the world waldorf dolls were made and now I get it.  Wool and cotton and a careful process to create a nose and the indentation for eyes.  I opted for the most basic face without embroidered eyes or lips.  The girls can make believe more with less.


I've had some new fabric I've been itching to use and found a way to use it for the dolls' patches.  It is Sarah Jane's illustrations now on fabric!  The fabric I used is Children at Play-- all girls playing with dolls and such.  I used her coordinating fabrics for the dolls' beanie hats.

IMG_3311 IMG_2841

As soon as Ainsleigh and Annabelle opened their dolls they jumped up and were off with, "Baby! Baby!".  I keep asking each girl what her baby's name is and the answer is always the same: "Baby".

Duh, mom.


What proud mother wouldn't be extra mindful that her twins heads up to bed with their wee baby in hand to cuddle.  Thankfully, they love their babies. They fit their hands and their two-year-old hearts perfectly.


the sleepy time gal