august reminds me...

IMG_8543 When August arrives, I realize we're running out of summer.  There are many summer activities that will have to wait another year or years.  With four in tow, we do what comes to us in the moment.  Some days we plan an outing, like yesterday, to the Dutch Country Store for our baking flours.  Other days we keep busy with each other, doing nothing particularly special, with laundry tucked in here and story time nestled in right after lunch.

But I'm starting to anticipate the winding down of summer.

IMG_8411 IMG_8403

There is something thrilling about September coming.  It seems to be one of the more romantic, sentimental months that leads us to the beginning of brisk days, scarves and hats, and crunchy walks.  So many new adventures with different backdrops to be explored in the fall...


August does promise a few more thrills for us, though.  Two birthdays and the Outer Banks-- all packed at the end of summer.  Just enough to keep me occupied until I arrive in September.

Are you hanging on to summer or anticipating the fall??