At a Local Farm Near You

Two eventful happenings this weekend: 1) onset of a 5 day long stomach flu for me (sigh...) and 2) my first experience with a local organic farm! Let's talk about that one.

Our family was invited by some friends to partake of their co-op they have with an organic farm. We were totally impressed.

So with this farm co-op, you pay a certain amount for that year's harvest and pick up a box of that particular harvest weekly. We're talking fresh from the fields, weekly!

On top of that, you're invited to the farm itself, monthly, to pick your own of whatever is there! Talk about cool!

There were tons of fresh herbs, peppers, tomatoes, lettuces, zucchini. squash, etc., etc. And, you could pick from their flowers--like their gerber daisies which I loved.

The whole experience was quite breath-taking. Being literally out in no where, surrounded by green hills, fragrant herbs, and every color of earth's late summer harvest.

And it was fun to be around all the local "organic" nuts. I thought it was quite fun to count all of the "world-changing" t-shirt on most of the women picking. (My favorite was the one that reads, "We were here first" with a group of endangered species sitting on top of the earth.)

Check it out in your neck of the woods--we are.