arriving at functional spaces


For the past week I've been building up momentum to totally change up my house.  I don't know if it is the hole where the Christmas tree was or the new year or lack of enthusiasm with my house (and lack of functionality) right now, but it has become the obsession of the weekend.  I've been known this weekend to be working on one thing and rush to another--as an idea pops up in my head--afraid I might forget it if I don't tackle it that moment.  It has been rather thrilling to have ideas come to me as to what our family needs in terms of functional spaces.

I decided this weekend that I am done with aesthetically-pleasing-only spaces and surfaces.  It just doesn't work anymore in a house of four (homeschooled) children and a mother who needs spaces to work.







I have a few little projects I'll share with you this week.  Really simple ones that I've been doing while making lunch for the girls or in conversation with Bobby late at night.  I'm forcing myself to finalize my living room and overflowing miscellaneous kitchen table pile today.  I know with me if there is no deadline, I will trail off, looking for little things to add and move and change for weeks to come.

Any fresh starts on your house for the new year?

the sleepy time gal