{If you missed photos from the apple picking itself, check them out here.}


Apples are here and abundant in Pennsylvania.  For the past week + apples have been incorporated in many of our meals: sliced, dipped, baked, boiled, and so forth.

Here are a few of our favorites from the kitchen:


{apple cinnamon bars with peanut butter glaze from King Arthur's Baking book}

So far, these have been our favorite snack.  They call for unsweetened applesauce which we were ready for.  They are easy to whip up and include whole wheat and ground oats.  The peanut butter glaze makes these moist treats heavenly.


{snacking on Empires, Golden Delicious, Jonagold, and Rome apples.}

We enjoyed this Honey Vanilla Yogurt dip with our sliced apples.


{homemade applesauce with Gaummie}

We made both varieties: slightly sweetened applesauce with cinnamon, grated nutmeg, and vanilla and unadulterated applesauce, straight from the Squeezo.


The smell of boiling apples and the sights of mom's huge Tupperware applesauce-making bowls were reminiscent of my childhood and applesauce making.


{Buttery apple cake made for a Sunday night dinner with family.}

It wasn't much to look at, but had cups of grated apple baked into the bottom of the butter cake.  Yum.


{cinnamon sliced apples for the freezer}

With loaded freezer bags full of slices we're anticipating lots more baking through the winter.  Last on the list, dried apples.  The remainder of the apples on the back porch are starting to attract the local squirrels.   I guess I better get to drying them and fast!

Happy weekending.

the sleepy time gal