anxiety + your freedom



“Anxiety is the dizziness of freedom.”

 Soren Kierkegaard

Ironically, this is very true.

I have a machine that washes and dries my clothes, a machine that washes my dishes, a machine that keeps my food fresh, machines that cook + heat my food, and machines that save me time going to and from places.

So what about all that time I save every day?  I don't ever feel like I have saved up time because that time usually gets filled up whether by my agenda or someone else's.  But the reality is I live in an era where I have large amounts of freedom and time no matter how I talk myself out of it.

If I feel anxiety because the rising sun reminds me that a new morning awaits with much to do it is actually because of my overwhelming freedom in how to use my time, not necessarily my overwhelming busyness.  It is the freedom we all share as modernists in a modern era from choices of when, if, and how to serve, create, learn, make, visit, experiment, push, and live out every single moment of our lives.

That intimidating freedom scares us into inaction because there is too much to choose from.  Or we've allowed so much on our plate as a subconscious approach to avoiding the really important tough decision of how to take action with our own precious freedom.


Start making personal choices concerning your daily freedom as soon as you feel that anxiety coming.

How would you LOVE to use your freedom of time today?

How would you LOVE to use the freedom of your mind today?

Make one simple choice about your freedom for today and then another.  Maybe it's writing a letter once a week to your aging grandmother during your lunch break.  Or hitting the clutter in your house (that your soul desperately needs for peace) while you set your kids up with legos at the table.  Or getting up 30 minutes early to take a walk + mediate before your day begins. Or making that phone call you've been putting off because this is your life and you deserve to no longer feel anxiety.

As you own your freedom one choice at a time, momentum will rapidly build and you will feel more confident to make more and more choices, all the while dissolving the anxiety and taking over every minute and hour of your life.  

This works and it is empowering.

What new action will you take or choice will you make with a current anxiety you are feeling right now?  Make one decision for your situation and begin owning your incredible freedom and build the life you want.

Go out + live boldly!

the sleepy time gal