family notecards



Every year we print photos to make our family notecards.

And every year I'm totally surprised with how we've all grown up, how much life we've lived, what we've made or transformed, and how many memories we've gained.



We paste each photo to cardstock--turning it into a notecard--and make that memory a functional entity.  Then we spend a day catching up on thank-you's and pen pals.  The girls and I spread out piles of photos and notecards, picking and choosing our favorites to use.



Others would rather sit and stare and remember so much from the year before.


Once everyone has ran away from the table to do something else, I sit for a while longer and enjoy the stack of photos while I continue to paste.  I restock our writing box by pulling out any old notecards and usually compare kids' growth, changes in the house, and changes in me.


And then we go back to our day.

I return to the stack throughout the week, though, just to savor a beautiful life--remembering the good--a little longer.

the sleepy time gal