annabelle's room: a place to read


If you've been wondering what happened to the library's red couch, well, it found a new home in Annabelle's bedroom.


But first, let me welcome you to Annabelle's bedroom.  Going into the initial plan for her bedroom I kept finding hints of red that I wanted to incorporate into the space.  The little red king's daughter from the illustration that I framed to the red ric rac I sewed on the Annabelle Prairie Doll pattern fabric for the curtains.

I can't begin to tell you how thrilling it was in resolving the dilemma of what to do with "Big Red" (the couch) and entertaining the thought of dragging it upstairs to Annabelle's room.  The red would be perfect and the seating would be much needed to have upstairs.  The biggest test was to pass the idea through Bobby.  And now that you already know about my pulled back muscle from last week (he and me dragging it upstairs) you'll know Bobby's affirmative answer.



And there she is in all of her red beauty.  The couch solved the seating issue of providing a comfy place to sit to read all of the upstairs books.  My garland was finally hung and a few throw pillows made with some of my favorite fabric (that is also used just around the corner upstairs).


Now most of the upstairs children's books are in one place.  This makes it nice for bedtime story time with kids piling on the couch and plenty of books to read.  Both the bookcase and mini table came from yard sales and now create a little child-sized nook.

Another coincidence was the perfectly fitting artwork that was given to Annabelle when she was a baby: Cori Dantini's "Reader": a little reading bug-girl who's dress is made entirely out of text.  I love it right next to the book corner.



Annabelle is happy to have her Pennsylvanian animal-inspired mobile back in her room.  (Her Aunt Ayumi made it for the twins when they were tiny enough to share a crib.)  My favorite Pennsylvanian animal represented definitely is the little groundhog.




Welcome to the upstairs, "Big Red".   I think you're much better suited up here with all of these Shaggies running around, demanding anyone who has a voice box to read them a book.