annabelle's room

IMG_1250 There are a few recently finished projects around my house just waiting to be hung.  That is the most exciting part, isn't it, of putting it all together and stepping back to see how it all fits a space?

But I'm still stuck in the step right before the hanging of things, when there's one unresolved dilemma to a space that everything else must wait upon.

So let's not talk about that, how about I show you what I have completed.  That sounds much more exciting.


Here's one project that is simple and now complete: a framed illustration from a favorite book.  Do you know Rosemary Well's illustrated My Very First Mother Goose? It is a delightful book I recently bought used.  The first time I read it to the girls I stopped at this illustration.  I knew it would be perfect framed, hanging in one of their bedrooms. IMG_1234

The king's daughter flying on a goose, looking somewhat like a gnome.  I really love the color.  I printed it in color at a local printing shop for $1 and framed it.


For the time being it sits happily on Annabelle's empty dresser.  (Okay, since Annabelle and Ainsleigh are twins that fit clothing the exact same way I keep all of their clothes in one dresser, in Ainsleigh's room.  So this dresser, Annabelle's, can simply hold things and look pretty.)

The second project for Annabelle's room was a fabric garland.  I can finally cross it off my list from last summer when the idea came.


I love this fabric.  I had some left over from the giraffe I made so decided to not incorporate any other fabrics, but keep the garland just this special fabric.  Still waiting to be hung.


And lastly, the Annabelle curtain.  I've been so excited to share this with you.  I've wanted to do this for a year now and now it is finished and has been handing in her room.

When I received the large stash of fabric from my Granny right after she passed away some years ago, this piece was in it.  Fabric with directions to make a "Annabelle Praire Doll".  It didn't mean anything to me, of course, years ago, but I held on to it.  Only recently did I discover it again, with incredible joy, that it is not only a how-doll called Annabelle, but with the exact same old Scottish spelling.  Incredible, huh?

I knew right away its fate.  Not to be cut up in pieces for a doll, but hung on one long piece for Annabelle's room.  So a little red trim was added and voila, the vintage Annabelle curtain is up.

So there are some highlights of Annabelle's still unfinished room.  (Really, are there any rooms that are ever finished?)

How about you, any spaces you're working on in your home?