an embroidery basket for kids



I knew a few months ago that I wanted to make Johanna something special to keep and inspire her new found skill of embroidering.  And this was her special homemade gift from mommy for Christmas: an embroidery basket.

It sits by the fireplace now.  Ready and waiting for her to pick up and get stitching.

Embroidery is excellent for little hands.  

With a blunt needle, some embroidery floss, a hoop, and burlap (because there are large holes for stitching), a child can sit and create, spell, or follow a design.  It is a calming activity, a perfect replacement for television.  And when done next to you, there can be gentle guidance in the art of keeping the needle threaded.

Inside Johanna's embroidery basket:


I put two sizes of embroidery hoops in her basket, both reasonable sizes for her five year old hands.  The fun part is choosing a rainbow of colors of embroidery floss.


I made a little needle book with a piece of wool felt cut with pinking sheers,  stitched down the middle to create a little book.

Add a needle threader and three embroidery needles and you're set.


I cut a variety my fabrics into squares: burlap, cottons, and linen.

While most of the fabrics are blank, I chalked on a few pieces of fabric for Johanna to use as a pattern.


The basket itself was a thrill to make.  With a mix of vintage and new fabrics, I used this fabric handled basket pattern.  It sewed up easily and the pattern will definitely be a keeper.


It is a very versatile pattern with two sizes of baskets and the option of the exterior pocket wrapped around the basket, just half, or without.  And the pattern is only $7.95.  I'd line the basket with one or two layers of batting next time or use canvas somewhere to make it sturdier.


Lastly, a good pair of scissors are needed for the embroidery basket if the child is old enough to use them.  Johanna got some [amazon_link id="B0019IG89O" target="_blank" ]student sewing scissors[/amazon_link] for Christmas.


Johanna is into embroidering words lately.  Daddy opened an embroidered piece that read "EAT" for Christmas.  I can't wait for that to find a place in my kitchen.  Bobby always gets the cool homemade gifts.  (Let's see, the Wes doll, the great dane, cuff links...)


Today I'm starting a new embroidery project myself.  I'm loving the book [amazon_link id="1607055252" target="_blank" ]Little Stitches[/amazon_link] so much.  If you're new to embroidery, it teaches you the basic stitches and has patterns all ready to be transfered for you to get started!

I'm ready to get my needle through some cotton of my own.  Sounds like the perfect January activity to me.   


the sleepy time gal