an (artsy) field journal


I wish this was mine.

 But like many of my kids' creative projects, they are made for their friends.  (I'm happy this one was for a little friend named Will who just turned four.)


Johanna loves being by my side.  For a little while, at least.  "Mommy, I want to help!" is her phrase.

She did the art with fabric markers and ironed (with me)...

IMG_3845 IMG_3850

And helped with the sewing machine foot.  And pressed again with the Heat and Bond to join the two pieces of fabric...

IMG_3851 IMG_3853

Got a little distracted and changed her whole outfit for the occasion.

(Here is a perfect example of imperfection from yesterday... the basement.  What happens in the basement stays in the basement.)


Soon enough we had a little sketchbook cover.  It is just like the artsy sketchbook Johanna made for Christmas, different cover.  (See the tutorial here.)

I have visions of everyone having their own for this spring as a nature field journal.  I can see the twins getting into the fabric-marker-thing.


 P.S.  I have quite the surprise for you tomorrow.  The children of Ishinomaki, Japan sent me something for you...

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