almost 3



{Rowan--earlier this year.  Remember his Rice Construction Site?  He still loves it.}


This little boy turns 3 tomorrow.


He's definitely been one of my most tender, most cuddly and intense child.  He's a boy.  I'm his mommy.  He runs to me when I walk through the door in the morning with, "Mommy!" and wants me to scoop him up with a big hug.  He tries so hard to catch up with his sisters, their activities, and just wants to be big.


With fingers crossed because of this hurricane rain, we're hoping to have an outdoor birthday gathering tomorrow at a local orchard.  He's so excited that after the long year of watching his sisters and parents blow out the birthday candles it is finally his turn!


And so today will be filled with cake baking/decorating along with our "writing day" plans.


I hope you have a wonderful weekend with your family.  See you next week  with (hopeful) pictures from a outdoor celebration. ;)



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