almonds: make your own almond meal



As I've shared before, my body does best when I stick closely to an O blood type diet.  ([amazon_link id="039914255X" target="_blank" ]Eat Right 4 Your Type[/amazon_link] is an awesome book that explains blood types and their corresponding diets.)  My blood type diet follows the hunter/gatherer ancestor.  Plenty of vegetables, fruits, lean meats and fish primarily.

I try to limit my grains and my stomach is happy for it.  I enjoy a grain with my breakfast (after a night of expending energy and calories nursing), usually a salad or smoothie for lunch, a grain with protein for an afternoon snack, and minimum grain, if any, with dinner.

I'm discovering other options for baking that really broaden our horizons in the kitchen.  Almonds.  Yes, almond meal (ground almonds) is quite nice to bake with.


This is where I should probably introduce one of my favorite kitchen appliances--the Vitamix.  Today, I just want to mention the [amazon_link id="B001949USO" target="_blank" ]Vitamix container with dry blade[/amazon_link].  (You an buy it separately or with a Vitamix.)

The container with the dry blade grinds grain.  Pretty amazingly too.  And this is exactly what I used to grind the almonds.

If you don't have a Vitamix, you can still make almond meal with a blender, it just might take more time and possibly deliver a bit chunkier meal.  But definitely try it because blenders can do it.

make your own almond meal




It is so simple.  If you are using a Vitamix or something comparable in power, you can put a good 1-2 cups of almonds in the machine.  If you're using a blender, start with 1/2 a cup of almonds.

Start your blender.  I increased the speed of my dial and let it grind the almonds.  With my Vitamix and definitely with a blender, you're going to need to use a [amazon_link id="B0028Y4CV4" target="_blank" ]tamper tool[/amazon_link] to push all the almonds down into the blade.  Once the almonds are beginning to look like a powdery, meal-like substance, stop your blender.  If you keep grinding and see the meal turn moist, it will turn into almond butter.

Dump the meal out onto a counter top and run your fingers through the meal to break up any clumps of meal that were beginning to heat up and adhere.

You just made almond meal in a matter of minutes!   And you just saved a lot of money by not buying almond meal at the store.


There are some awesome, healthy recipes out there for almond meal.  Almond meal is a wonderful flour replacement for gluten free bakers, those with celiac, those following a Paleo diet, and those wanting healthier, protein-packed baking options.

Here's a recipe we love with only four ingredients and no baking: Sweetest Kitchen's Raw Peanut Butter Cookies.

Almond meal

Peanut butter


Vanilla extract




Roll dough into balls.



Make the quintessential fork markings of a peanut butter cookie.

Refrigerate a bit and enjoy.  No baking.

IMG_4230 As you can imagine they are packed with protein (from the almonds and peanut butter), sweetened naturally, and take minutes to make.  Bobby who has been doing a ketogenic diet could actually eat them (because there was no sugar or grain and relatively low in carbohydrates) and loved them.  For someone who hasn't eaten fruit in months, they seemed so sweet to him--quite the luxury.

Have you baked with almond meal?


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