afternoon stations

IMG_4141 I am realizing more and more how much my oldest child is like her mother in loving order. She, especially, thrives on the rhythms of our day, routines she can expect and look forward to.


This most recent season of our family's life has moved us away from some of the structure in the day that we all need.  And so is life.  New things change our days, our lives, and we adjust as necessary.  For example, the girls are used to mommy being at the computer after breakfast taking care of the "boxes to Japan" project.  We've made changes to our morning routine a bit to make this work.  This is their time they like to read books and for some, get dressed.  And this works for us.

With Japan and Yoga for Congo Women being a major part of our family's season right now, we've discovered (out of necessity) our afternoon routine: stations.


As soon as Ainsleigh and Annabelle are down for a nap, we reconvene in the library.  And that is when the magic begins!  My Caroline and Johanna sit anxiously, waiting to see what station will be assigned to their seat.

Some of our stations are:

  • a jar of dried beans and wooden stacking bowls
  • magazine time
  • a bowl full of snap beads
  • Legos
  • lacing beads
  • card making, child artist-style
  • collage
  • drawing

Sometimes I set a timer, but most of the time I can just tell when the younger child, Johanna, is ready for the next station.  Many times Caroline is loving her original station too much to want to move on to the next.  Right now, we all are loving afternoon stations.