adirondack patterns and a discount

Good morning to you on this chilly Friday.  I'm excited to share with you one of our newest sponsors on The Sleepy Time Gal, Adirondack Patterns.  I've heard from many of you readers that you are interested in sewing, possibly just beginning to learn to sew, or looking for simple projects to sew with little ones around.  Well, you'll be very pleased with the wonderful and simple patterns at Adirondack.

You might remember my little Waldorf dolls I made for Ainsleigh and Annabelle this past Christmas.  I used an Adirondack pattern to whip them up and was really pleased with how easy it was to follow the pattern and how they both turned out.



My girls' dolls have held up and been loved.  If you've never made a Waldorf doll, they are so special to make for a child.  The natural materials (wool and cotton) and little details combined create something worth keeping forever.  I love that Adirondack Patterns has many Waldorf doll patterns, all of which are very simple, with pictures and step-by-step instructions.

Adirondack Patterns has both sewing and crocheting patterns.  The part that is wonderful is how reasonably priced their patterns are.  Since I've started buying patterns online, I've been so impressed with how inexpensive Adirondack's patterns are - most patterns are $3 while other sets of patterns are $9.  Pretty reasonable.

Here are some of my favorite patterns - many of which I  hope to try in the future:

{Waldorf baby doll - the pattern I used for the girls}

{Lillipals Complete Waldorf doll pattern and tutorial package for doll, hair, dress, and pants - I'd love to make this doll for my older girls}

{Fall crochet sweat vest pattern - I own this pattern in hopes of learning how to crochet!  Mom??}

{Easy fitted cloth diaper tutorial, both waterproof and non waterproof - these are adorable, aren't they?}

{Newborn Crochet Multi Color Cocoon/Pod and Photography Prop Pattern}

{Simple complete Waldorf doll hair wig tutorial}

{Complete Waldorf doll pattern and tutorial package for doll, bonnet, and diaper}

{Simple upcycled recycled sweater baby pants longies soaker sewing tutorial}

{Easy and adorable 0-6 month crocheted baby pixie / gnome hat tutorial}

Okay, so here is where it gets exciting.  Adirondack Patterns is offering 25% off one pattern for the next week for Sleepy Time Gal readers.  Simply enter the coupon code "sleepytimegal" in the coupon code section when you place your order.  (Finalize the transaction and then the "coupon code" link will appear on the top right before you submit your order.  Enter it there.)

It is such a great deal I'm heading over myself!

I hope you check out their entire collection of patterns.  It is a wonderful business with beautiful things to create for little ones.

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