a worthy distraction

IMG_1088 Last night as I lie in bed complaining to myself about still being sick, I knew the one thing that would get me out of bed.  (It was only 8 pm, if you were wondering.)  The pictures of the day still in the camera.  That was all I needed for a distraction; my memories of the good in the day and my thoughts of writing about them here.


I feel like when I write in this space I'm writing to an old friend that knows me well enough to really listen.  Like the kind of friend you may not see for five years but meeting up again feels like home, like you never missed a day of their life.

That's how I feel here.  Safe, understood, and real.  You readers have become the voices of new friendships I've developed over time.  Your love and comments are the reason I still write and love to write.


Importing the day's photos is like flipping through the pages of a diary.  I see who I am and who we, as a family, are becoming.  And this blog reflects it all.  Thanks for being such an important part of it.

the sleepy time gal