a wormery


Caroline is the reason that we made this wormery.  She spends much of her time outdoors digging for worms.  Then she brings them to me, usually a handful at a time, to share her findings.


How to make your own wormery:  (This is where we originally found the project.)

1.  Alternate layers of sand and rich soil (about 1 inch per layer) to fill a large glass jar.


2. Insert 3-4 worms. (Caroline went a little overboard... we added a few more.)



3. Cover soil with compost. (The girls were thrilled about this step since we're checked out some books from the library about composting. This one was great. )


We used what was around-- grass clippings, egg shells, rotten banana peel, and dead leaves.


4. Sprinkle some water on top of all of that great stuff.


5. Wrap the jar with black paper and tape.


6. Now the great part... waiting. As days go by, you can check on your wormery by slipping off the black paper.  What you find is incredible mazes and paths that the worms have made, coming up to the top to pull down the compost and repeating the process over and over again.  You can record (through illustration) what you see every few days as the worms work their way all around the layers of sand and soil.  Pretty fun, huh?

Any worm lovers in your home?? 

the sleepy time gal