a very busy day


Yesterday I spend most of the day spray painting a hand-me-down metal headboard for Johanna.  Bobby's parents offered it to us since it had been sitting in their attic for years.  Thankfully my mother-in-law and I have similar taste and she agreed painting it would turn something not quite our style into the perfect little girl's bed.

 Yesterday was by far the worst day in the whole year to attempt to spray paint.  Blustery like you wouldn't believe.  And I came up with an ingenius idea of spraying the headboard on torn out magazine pages.  If the wheels aren't turning in your head yet I'll go ahead and give you a hint: wet paint and flapping magazine pages = a lot of extra work.  But I was persistent and by the time the sun set, I finished both pieces, front and back, double coats.


I have some plans for her new big girl twin bed that I'm pretty giddy over.  Ok, well, I'll tell you -- I'm going to make a really simple quilt bedspread to match the robin egg blue bed.   The big girls know we'll rearrange their room after the bed is complete.  It will be an exciting change.

IMG_5537 IMG_5538

During the busyness of yesterday, my mom and Aunt dropped off some new (rather old and used) pieces of furniture.  The girls helped me wipe the pieces down when I would usually be lying down on the couch in the afternoon.  I never did make it to the couch yesterday.  I'm still debating where the little table and two chairs will make their home.  The green end table (which was my Granny's) will be my new nightstand.  Hooray!


Oh yes, when Mommy is preoccupied she finds holes in little people's shirts.  Scraps of paper everywhere.  And happy, cutting twins.

Darn.  I thought they were over the shirt-cutting phase.


I am happy.  Yes.  I felt so much a renewal of energy and productivity yesterday.  The girls felt the enthusiasm in the air as well.

Today will be a good day, I know it.

the sleepy time gal