a stroll around town

IMG_7866 Thanksgiving will be spent with my in-laws.  The "over the river and through the woods" trip to will take a whole 5 minutes to get there.  And my contribution to the dinner will simply be the pumpkin cheesecake I recently made for Bobby's birthday.

The time not spent preparing Thanksgiving sides will be spent making a special Thanksgiving treat today with my girlies just because.  (You'll get to see them tomorrow!)

I love just because.

This just because project has been talked about for many consecutive dinnertime conversations. The how-to, that is.  And yesterday it required a trip to our new local candy shop downtown, Georgie Lou's.

IMG_7847 IMG_7854

I reminded the girls how lucky they are to live in a town that has been around since before the Revolutionary War.  A town where Molly Pitcher lived and a town where George Washington passed through on his way to end the Whiskey Rebellion.

The big girls listened, staring at the large mural that told the town's tale as I read the historic marker aloud.

And the twins, they simply hooted.  Someday they'll be impressed.




And then we found it.  The candy shop with all of the modern bells and whistles created out of the bones of just another historic building.

I don't think I could ever leave the East!

What about you?  How are your Thanksgiving plans coming together??