a sneak peek

IMG_6093 This is a marathon week for us.  Two really big things actually.  The wedding I'm shooting (my first!) is this Saturday. You remember the bride's bridal shower I shot in early fall?  Lots of planning, prepping, and preparing are happening when I get quiet moments during the day.  Thankfully the nervousness is turning into excitement now.

And the second big thing; we're approaching the opening of the online Sleepy Time Gal Shop!  This has been a goal for me for a long time.  But as I'm sure you know, life requires you to choose your priorities every second of the day.  My priorities have been elsewhere for years.  And now, opening before Christmas, my most recent goal, is happening.  Excitedly, it finally fits our lives now (and yes, our lives as the big girls have been involved, too).

There will be lots of vinyl in the shop, special items for the creative child, and those homemade things you've asked about for some time now.  Can't wait to share more with you!

the sleepy time gal