a 'singin in the rain' party

IMG_9214 {Singin in the Rain music played and played, with Johanna spending most of the party dancing.  Each little guest woud take home a collection of our favorites to enjoy as a favor.}



{The cake with Johanna and Caroline as the topper.  Decorating a special cake late the night before a party is definitely becoming tradition here.  More on the cake tomorrow.}

IMG_9208 IMG_9205

{My girls' favorite part of the decoration--scenes of the movie.  Before the party, they carried them everywhere and sang whatever song the scenes reminded them of.}

IMG_9264 IMG_9278 IMG_9288

{My favorite: so many homemade cards from little friends.}



{And such meaningful, creative gifts for my girls.  Does Mommy look excited or what?  A fun day.}

Now for the Giveaway!!!!

Thank you, thank you, thank you to all of you who did something and participated in the giveaway this weekend.  I was thrilled with the response!!!!

Krista who said, "I’ve visited the Yoga for Congo Women website – thanks!  I’ve registered for the online Yoga for Congo Women event – thanks!" WON! Krista please leave your email address in the contact me section to receive the prize.

Thanks again for all of the involvement!

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