a shower


Isn't it beautiful?

 I loved the mason jars with blue scrap fabric tied around the rim.  And the salted carmel cupcakes.  And the friends and family that came and the boy things that now are waiting patiently in the baby's eventual room.  How blessed I am. 

The shower was so special--and put on by special friends.  I even got to keep some of the rain clouds and stream of raindrops to put in baby's room.  And the day turned out better than I was expecting.  I had been contracting for 48 hours off and on until the shower.  I now know that this must be normal, being my fourth pregnancy (fifth child) to have stronger false contractions so close together, four weeks before the due date and apparently, continuing.  It was a big enough scare that brought me to finally ordering a car seat and starting to make plans for where kids will go when baby comes.   But now I'm feeling ready.

This is the week.  The busy week leading up to our big medieval feast.  Things are coming together and with help from others, I'm feeling so enthused about it all coming together just right. (Although, when do things ever come together just right??  At least you can plan.) I'll be sharing some of the preparations this week!

the sleepy time gal