a shining face


The other day Caroline's clay teacher said something so profound to me.

"Having Caroline in the class is just like her artwork: pure sunshine."

I haven't been able to get her words off my mind.  I live around Caroline's excitement for life, her enthusiasm and energy, but I've never celebrated it nor how it makes her unique in a world where sarcasm and cynicism reign.  Having someone else see her beaming face and attitude has blessed me with the same vision to see and appreciate it in her.

I found this wonderful quotation by one of Caroline's favorite authors, Roald Dahl.  The more I read it, the more I realized it was so true of Caroline.  I printed it and framed it just for her little chapter book corner.  (If anyone knows where the original is online, I'd love to know.)

"If you have good thoughts they will shine out of your face like sunbeams and you will always look lovely."

Roald Dahl

I wish so badly this trait will grow with my child.  And that her optimism will rub off more on her mother.  I see how broken children can become with the meanness that is often learned at a young age from the media and real life.  And yet I see how lovely her face and other young faces are that know good and kindness and love.

Today I'm experimenting a little more with my thoughts, my attitude, and putting my trust in the goodness found in this life.  Sometimes I don't see it very well but when I seek it, I always find it.


the sleepy time gal