a room all their own


We made it through the storm and still have electricity, for which I am grateful.  Thankfully the storm wasn't nearly as strong as our town was expecting, I believe because the eye of the hurricane passed over us.  I'm hoping all of you caught in the storm are safe.

 Remember a while back I asked for advice on the twins sleeping arrangements?  I thought you'd like to hear the outcome.  Ainsleigh and Annabelle are finally together in a room.  (Not like they really needed to be together to sleep-- they are together every other second of the day.)  We moved them together a month before Rowan came and since then they love having their own space together.

No, they don't nap--I could write five posts about that affecting our days--but they go to bed together early, happily and ready.  It was quite fun for me to combine the special things from both of their rooms into a totally new space that was equally theirs.  And making their room a bit more grown up for those self-proclaimed "big girls".

The previous owl-themed wall now over Annabelle's bed gained the owl garland from the twin's first birthday.

And then there is the twin's second birthday party fabric garland, now over Ainsleigh's bed.  I love how her birdie print is like an open window with the fabric acting as curtains.

Of course, one of their favorite pastimes together, reading a big pile of books on the floor.  Here is a little reading nook they share.

That same wonderful sister in law Ayumi had made a few elephants for the twins when they were born I added to this simple shelf (above their chalk wall) to create a little circus nook, complete with the framed 12 x 12 scrapbook paper I've always loved having in someone's room.  It is random but it works.

Their room needed some toy storage and I found this adorable 3 Sprout canvas tote that holds up well to being filled to the top.  The tote's blue and gray thankfully compliment the odd shade of blue of their dresser and the gray rug.

Now Ainsleigh and Annabelle play during the precious time we once called nap time.  Thankfully, I try having them play in their room, just the two of them, quietly (hopefully) while Rowan and I (hopefully) rest.  They feel so big having their own space.  And they've been told that big girl beds are in their near future.  They don't mind still having cribs, though.  They are happy to be together with books, activities, and their polka dot rug to play on.

With all of the activities and classes their big sisters get to do during the day, Ainsleigh and Annabelle needed some special activity for playing at home, especially when mommy needs some quiet time herself.  I discovered these awesome magnetic blocks in the MetKids catalog (A very great, creative catalog for kids from the Met of Art) and knew they were exactly what A and A could play with, be creative with, and be intrigued with for a while.  And they have been the perfect activity--thankfully--that everyone knows stays in the twins' room.

As it always seems to be the solution with my mothering, with creativity and order, I've started to figure out some of the kinks in our days.  Their special room has made them feel bigger and have new, exciting privileges.  I can't tell you how much the addition of a "play" rug and a new, special activity have saved my early afternoons.

the sleepy time gal