a piano sent with love

IMG_8818 Isn't it gorgeous?

It just sits there in our living room, looking rather dashing.  I should clarify, the new piano doesn't sit there long without little fingers tickling its' ivories.


The piano came as a surprise from my father, who generously gave it to us after it was recently given to him.  I'm still pinching myself.  He and my two brothers moved it in themselves this weekend.

I've longed to have a piano in my home.  I have such incredible memories tied to our piano we had growing up.  Carols around the piano, waking up Sunday morning to my Mom playing hymns, hearing my mom's students clunking away on the keys during their practice, rehearsing Love at Home together as a family for the millionth time to sing to the lonely and elderly...

I want that for my family now.  I want music to unite us as a family in so many ways as we learn and are moved by it, and as we use it to share with others.


So having my mother in my home teaching my daughter on my very own piano was pretty special yesterday.  It brought all of the memories back of sitting by her side on the piano bench during those years of lessons.


Caroline was beaming during her very first piano lesson.


I feel so blessed.  Now I need to pull out my piano books, brush off the dust, and get comfortable.  It has been a while.