a party dress

I just started working on the twin's party dresses.  This is some of my Granny's fabric that I've held onto, waiting for the perfect project.  After adding the ruffle and ribbon to tie in the back to a basic dress pattern, I'm not sure if any owls will make an appearance on the dress.

How to make a ruffle:

  1. Create a tube by matching wrong side to wrong side together of a long, skinny rectangle piece of fabric.  Sew the long side together and one short end.
  2. Flip right side out.  Press.
  3. Now baste down the middle of the fabric tube, leaving a good 4-5 inches of thread and bobbin thread at the end.
  4. Begin pulling on the bobbin thread and watch the fabric begin to gather.  Pull the thread and create the right amount of gather you are seeking.
  5. Now, tie a knot at each end with the thread and bobbin thread to secure the gathers.  Turn the raw end inside itself and sew closed.
  6. Pin the ruffle where you want it and sew along the gathered line!


I'm excited to have one more twin celebration this weekend.  It is a different kind of celebration, anyway.  It is more of a thank you party to the handful of people that are the reason we made it through the twins first year as smoothly as we did, from babysitters, to continual dinner bringers, to movers, and baby holders.

Everyone who comes has a special relationship with Ainsleigh and Annabelle, which makes their dresses a little more meaningful to work on.

the sleepy time gal