a family's work


Happy new week to you!  We had our first real snow of the winter (except for that bizarre snow we received in October) this weekend.  It is amazing how life turns out because I got to be the one to take the four girls out and eat snow and shovel while Bobby was ill.  I got to see Ainsleigh and Annabelle old enough now to really love the snow.  I got to sled down our backyard hill and run the sled back up to the top.

IMG_3812 IMG_3813

I honestly didn't sit down once on Saturday until the night.  I kept moving like a robot: laundry put away in rooms, deconstructing Caroline and Johanna's room (Caroline's imagination definitely tries my patience), the daily cleanup of the art room and all of its 500 cut-up paper scraps, the basement steps (it is a start, at least), and so on and so forth.

If the thought has ever crossed your mind about my home staying in order and my children playing nicely and then mechanically putting their play things away, let me ease your mind.  Within one hour of the whole family waking in the morning, books and dolls and scissors and paper and randomness is strewn all over the floor.  My goal is simply to keep at least one floor sane before we undo that one as well.


It is finding that balance that is so darn hard.  Although you might not see it on this space, my personality is much more uptight at times than I'd like.  I let my kids create and play all day, with certain parameters, of course.  Some days, with their help (Ok, Caroline's), we can keep up our living spaces.  Other days, I'm wishing everyone would just sit on the couch and only live and breathe in their allocated space because I'm worn out from the (nagging at times) and constant pick up.  Not because I'm obsessed with having a perfect house (totally impossible with twin toddlers and an over-zealous creative 6 year old) but because we must maintain a certain amount of order for there to be function.  

So yes, we are very much alike, you and me.


{annual Christmas thank-you writing day}

By nightfall, Bobby and I throw ourselves on the couch after four bedtimes and the long dinner/day's clean up is through.  Although we know it will all happen over again after a wink and a shut eye of sleep, sinking into the couch with a blanket for me and feet propped up for him and a quiet peaceful night to ourselves is all we need to remind us that this is all worth it.

the sleepy time gal