a new week

The start of a new week always means my attempt at new things.  I get my goal-setting obsession from my father, organization and order from my mother.  So if you combine the intensity of those urges with a household of four little children, there are many things that I desperately want everyday for them and me. How do I handle it?  Well, I'm still figuring it out--everyday.  I'm quite obsessive about it all, too.  Some weeks I set up a plan for each day of the week, detailed down to the hour;  some days it works, some days it only overwhelms me.  Some weeks I outline projects I want to do and plan ahead how to incorporate the children. That is this week's approach: little hands to help make the babies' birthday present, reinstitute "baking day" on Tuesday, and other stuff that is important to me this week.

Sometimes I get really hard on myself for not having a perfect approach, a perfect line of order of when to run, how to balance out attention to my kids, myself, and still have something exciting to put on the table by 5:30pm, but at least I try every week.  And that is where I stand--taking the things that work for me and moving forward, not giving up on finding balance among the good things in life.

What is your approach?

the sleepy time gal