a new take on business cards


Good morning!

How is your family fairing with the winter sicknesses?  Our little Ainsleigh and Annabelle have been hit hard with the flu, keeping me home from church and the likes.

But on another note, I have something really exciting to share.  Let me introduce you to one of The Sleepy Time Gal's sponsors, Moo.  Moo is an incredible printing company out of London (some of their printing is done in the U.S.) that is so fresh and creative.  They take the traditional boring things that one might print and take it up 10 notches to something spectacular and innovative.  Come check it out...


I recently ordered my new business cards through Moo.  They came in this cute little box with my stash of 100 cards.


As I'm sure you've noticed, the coolest part of Moo is the ability to upload your own images to be printed on cards, mini cards (which mine are), postcards, greeting cards, and stickers.

 These are their MiniCards.  You can upload up to 100 images for these cuties!  And they are such a unique size compared to the traditional business card size.  It was so incredible seeing every single mini card and that it was exclusively mine because of the photography.  I love them.  Speaking of mini cards, they also have really cool designs you can choose from to make your own MiniCards if you aren't uploading your own images.


I love the inspiration gallery where they feature other customers and how they creatively used their cards, postcards, and stickers.  Check out these beautiful beaded mini cards, selling your illustrations, pocket size photography portfolio, and packaging.

The quality of my mini cards is impressive.  They are extremely sturdy--heavy 16pt, sustainably sourced paper stock with a smooth matte laminate.

My problem now is actually giving them away because they are so cool.

IMG_4008 IMG_4026

If you've been looking to make personalized stickers, "homemade" stickers, product postcards for your wares on etsy, etc., you will love Moo.  I'd love for you to take a minute and check out their incredible company.  I think you'll be thoroughly impressed.

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