A New Mania

As much as I fight it internally, I am the happiest in the attempt to do hard things in life, like trying to balance mothering and personal endeavors. I used to think it was wrong to do such a thing, but what better way for a child to learn about life but to watch her mother push, work, fail, and get up again.

The most recent mania: sewing for my children--things that are fresh, free flowing, and easy to play in. Lately I've been inspired by many things: this and that, things here, and there. So many ideas, so much room for my own creativity, my own style, and my own approach.

The challenge with my season of life is if I have to follow a pattern or a set of instructions, I won't make it. I don't have 100% mind power in one place at a time, except in front of a big bowl of ice cream late at night.

But if I can make it up as I go and mess up as I go, then I start to see what works and what doesn't. And quite frankly, using a seam ripper to fix my mistakes while I stand at the front door watching my little people flirt with construction workers is much easier than being caught up in the next paragraph of a pattern.

So I try things, fix things again and again, sometimes over the course of days, until it works.

Four different plaid skirts/tops later, I'll see if we really can come together for a family photo shoot this weekend. My new favorite brown wool felt is playing a part as well.