a new bag


Johanna has all of a sudden shifted from little four year old to responsible, nurturing and engaged five year old.  With a little help, she has begun the Shiffler tradition of Christmas-making this year with her first round of rocky road fudge.  Mixing, pouring, cleaning up, and packaging all a part of the experience.  Five little wrapped stacks of her fudge line the fridge for her sisters and Daddy and, herself of course.  (The best photo of her first fudge was captured on instagram--@nshiffler.)

And then I found her yesterday morning with Rowan.  I hadn't left her with Rowan but alas, she ended up with Rowan.  I came upstairs from sewing wondering why I hadn't heard him cry and this is what I found--Johanna with Rowan fast asleep on her.  She had kept him asleep for me, off and on, for roughly an hour. Was it really for me or for her?

My growing Johanna deserves a growing-daughter sort of gift this Christmas.  And I'm happy that she's getting it in the new, special Christmas bag this year.  (I add new Christmas bags--tutorial here--each year with new festive fabrics.  This year it is Mr. Claus Dark Eggnog.)

She's so proud that her gift is packaged in one of the new bags under the tree.  Unbeknownst to her it has something to do with her recent interest in creating.


Ah, my calm Johanna.  She has a way of casting a spell of peacefulness upon our entire household, for which I am most grateful.

the sleepy time gal