the secret of motherhood

IMG_7836 Last night was the first time in days that our family has been able to regroup.  I had been away from the family for four consecutive nights which was hard.  Last night meant being back amidst the loud singing of Gigi, running through the house, reminding for the millionth time "no jumping on the couch", and sweeping up the intentionally and unintentionally dropped food from the twins' highchair trays.

I'm officially back.  The glamour of playing photographer is now just a memory.  And in front of me is the daily grind, the empty refrigerator and empty clothing drawers.

Maybe my life isn't glamorous to anyone else but maybe that is motherhood's secret.  That in those quiet, unheralded moments of drawing hand puppets with the whole family together, life slows down and one can see what she really has and has contributed.  And maybe that is her own "glamorous", amidst her palace, among her king and princesses.

Today I'm grateful for ongoing meaning discovered over and over again in the glamorous life as mother.