a medieval feast


{first course: medieval salad, grapes, applesauce, and...}

{barley bread, torn as passed around the table, with herbed dipping butter}

{furs, hides, and antlers...}

{...for the touching}

{king--in my maternity leggings--and queen, heavy with child-- the heir to the throne}

{the goodly wench serving each course-- thanks, mom}

{second course: herb roasted chicken, almond rice, and herbed potatoes}

{chess being played throughout the evening}

{king robert totally into his character}


{she's got a good arm--she hit the rabbit!}

{archery spectators watching between courses}

{third course: figs, dates, apricots, spiced cider, and medieval gingerbread}

When we sat down for the first course I looked over at Caroline.  She was wiggling in her chair in her excited way and exclaimed, "This is so much fun!"  I watched my children and others' children frolic, fight with swords, shoot arrows, eat and eat, try new foods, dance to medieval music, and dream up and act out a life quite different from their own modern life.  There was an excitement and giddiness to the night, especially for those playing the part and wearing enormous headdresses.  It was magical.  I felt it and watched the magic continue until the last of the candles were blown out.

the sleepy time gal