a little something for me


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It isn't anything too special, but special enough for me because it is mine.  

This new Kokka Japan print  fabric (along with my other first pieces of Japanese prints) are so beautiful.  This is called Bear Boogie Red but the little homes seemed to stand out to me more than the bears.  I decided I wanted to wear them in celebration of the home and everything that makes a home, I guess.

A little cheesy, but meaningful, none the less.  And so I made a fabric button pin.

It was enough to fill my heart by being able to create and receive instant gratification.  Perfect.

And how is your weekend looking?  

Johanna is moving up to a twin bed this weekend and so I'm on the hunt for a nice, used headboard - hopefully on Craigslist.

See you on Monday!

the sleepy time gal