a competition

IMG_6127 It started almost four weeks ago.  I was taking down a bottle of water, perspiration dripping, face red-hot, telling Bobby for the millionth time how much running strengthens my soul, when it hit, the greatest inspiration ever: a fitness competition between the two of us.

I learned early on in our marriage that Bobby was competitive.  Just watching him play his siblings in Trivial Pursuit was clear evidence of that.  So why not have a little healthy competition?  A little monetary reward for the fittest contestant, and three months of rediscovering what our bodies are made of.


Two new memberships ($10 a month!), coordinating of schedules, and encouraging each other is the game now.  Although there will be only one winner, something has changed in us.  We do act like a team.  Rather then having his help for dinner, I send him to the gym sometimes.  Rather then help put kids to bed, he sends me to run other times.  We both see it changing us to have the same goal.


And lovely food has become our ally.  Cooking and baking means more when I'm conscious about what I'm taking in to sustain my body.  Homemade protein bars (Bobby's request) are on the list for some upcoming Baking Days.


Food plays a powerful role.  I'm learning more about how food makes me feel and strengthens me.  Real, homemade meals are so rejuvenating after pushing myself seeing what my body can do.

And so, the purifying effects of total commitment to a challenge have begun to work their magic.  Two months to go, we're going strong, and bonding incredibly along the way.

(By the way, I WILL win!)

the sleepy time gal