A Household Term

I remember well, some months ago, praying about how to prepare myself for doubling the amount of children under one roof.

The most inspiring answer I received can be summed up into a couple words: being creatively organized.

I've applied being creative and organized to our parental challenges, to running a household again, to getting rest, following through with commitments, and doing what I want to do in a day.

I was missing creating so much in my pregnancy and felt like my mind was spinning with ideas for me and my children. The Lord brought me to several solutions. If I could be really creative, be extremely organized, then I could have everything I want now in my life.

Taken from my journal February 2009:

"The idea of having a studio goes much deeper just having a place for my own projects--

  1. I could have a place to create, with everything in arms distance, no more wasting time searching for tools.
  2. If I only have 5 minutes, while kids are sleeping, playing close by, I'll take it to create. If the room is set up perfectly, I can come in and create something in that time.
  3. My dream of having some sort of creative business can still be alive with four young kids, in an organized studio, especially if the studio can somehow incorporate my children.
  4. I can include my children, possibly with their own "creative table" with their materials with in reach, to use while I create.
  5. My children will see very well how I value creating. They can come and witness it."

Behold, months later, our sanctuary officially complete:

I can now celebrate the pretty notions that inspire me.

My table: permanently sits my sewing machine and cutting mat. Finally, no repositioning clutter from the dining room table to sew. The farthest left row of shelves holds everything sewing, including fabric finally out in the light after many years of dreary tupperware-dwelling.

There are rows for ribbon, print making, pastels, stamping, painting, wooden crafts, drawing, all organized my medium.

To-be finished idea board in bright pink sits on the shelf.

The girls corner, complete with the lower shelves stocked with their crayons, markers, paper, stamps--all situated based on height and age appropriateness. (In other words, no markers are available to Johanna without Mommy's supervision!)

Caroline and I thought we'd try out our studio, with a new dress for baby.

What do you dream about doing when you dream... be creative, be organized, in other words, try something different to reach your end?