a house of order: shoes

IMG_3572 There have been many posts I've written about how overwhelming my house is that I've erased because I figure that some of you (hopefully) have the same daily struggles of maintaining your household like I do.  I guess I'd rather not bore you if it is a matter of life that nothing ever stays tidy, not even for an hour in a house of young ones.

I mean, it is not that I'm obsessed with a perfect house.  I've accepted that two toddlers equals destruction at every corner.  It is just that I am a more content mother when there is some visual order amidst the chaos.


That leads me to my shoe closet.  Many of you who have entered my home and seen the unsightly shoe closet open could easily explain to any of you what kind of closet it is.  You know, one of those "open the door quickly, throw in the shoes, hear them hit the wall, and shut the door even faster, now walk away" kind of closet.

With four kids and multiple sets of shoes for each child for different activities it was embarrassingly a mountain of shoes.  It has been on the "a house of order" to do list for some time now but the problem has been how to organize.  Like many of my projects I want to use what I already have and what do you know had been sitting in my basement??  Bobby's extra stacking bins for work!  (I believe they are Global Industrial bins.)




Every child gets their own bin for all of their play and church shoes.  Caroline so graciously made labels with an arrow.  (Which I thought was a nice touch.)


The top bin will keep everyone's winter hats and gloves.


Now no more throwing random gloves at the top of the closet either.  I turned over a new leaf.  Diaper bag.  Camera Bag.  That is all.


Ahhh.... and there is Caroline, the child after her mother's heart.  Thrilled for a chance to rearrange or organize something.  The new rule?  Don't let those babies within an inch of opening the closet door!