a house of order: personalized organizer paper

IMG_2366 I've spent the past few weeks drooling over my husband's iPad he recently was given for work.  I've seriously thought about getting one for myself, mainly for organization and tasks, as my reward from winning the challenge.  And as cool as it is, I still can't get myself to do it, cost and otherwise.  There is something about writing with pen on paper my day's activities, goals, and tasks that is more tangible and enjoyable for me than typing on a screen.

Since establishing my binder for organization all in one spot, I've disliked the boringness of what is in my binder.  My lists and family schedule haven't been calling to me very much lately.  I needed a face lift.

Sunday night after definitively deciding I didn't want technology to by my overall organizational solution, I came up with this: personalized organizer paper.



I chose a style I wanted to use throughout my binder and around my house (a page layout from Pages) and went to town designing and printing.  Caroline and Johanna have their own clipboards (which are an extension of my organizational binder) but are totally theirs.  They have lists like:

  • what Caroline wants to do (an on-going list of projects she wants to do, places she wants to go, things she wants to bake, etc.)
  • Caroline's curiosity followed ( an on-going list of questions or topics she asks about during the day that we can explore and not forget about)
  • what Caroline needs to grow (an on-going list of things her parents see fit that she learns from "j"s that aren't backwards and better table manners)


The girls' clipboards are used for one-on-one weekly "meetings" (although both girls rather have them together!) where each girl can discuss and add to her list of activities.  I can later plug some of those things into our weekly plan. IMG_2377

My iMac calendar program, iCal, lets me print out a weekly version of my monthly calendar with space to add on.  This is my go-to for what we are going to do everyday.  It means that I can really have it all as a mother--things that are important to the girls, things that are important to me, and space in between unplanned.  I can also use this program and calendar for meal planning.  Everything in one place, on the computer and also on paper.


The exciting part for me with personalized organizer paper is that it is totally me.  For my binder I have copied multiples of:

  • my weekly tasks- little random things to check off
  • improving my character- keeping myself accountable as a mother, wife, and friend
  • home and family sewing projects--details of projects, when and how
  • creating and maintaining a house of order--projects to organize, what and when
  • the sleepy time gal stationary for ideas
  • important phone numbers for emergencies and babysitters
  • ideas for exciting playtime- a list of toys or activities for kids' moments of "boredom"
  • spiritual inspiration
  • quotations to live by- to hang weekly in my home


Today's my first day with everything really in one place.  My brain on paper.  I'm thrilled with our new found and stylish attempt at order in our home--and I just saved us a lot of money!

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the sleepy time gal