a house of order: organizing papers

IMG_5249 Days like yesterday make me realize that life flows better when my mind and home are clear of clutter.  (I had one of those days yesterday.)

I sometimes wish I could duct tape my mailbox closed, except for receiving those red envelopes with the next musical we've requested.  (My kids have Singin' in the Rain memorized--tap dances and all.)  More mail means more clutter sitting stagnant on the "miscellaneous counter," the unfortunate, but actual name of that counter.  There are papers we need to keep, papers we should keep, and so on.


With little counter space available, I've been racking my brain to come up with some system to magically suspend all of our important papers off the counter and out of my way.  And Voila!  The One Yard Wonders: 101 Fabric Sewing Projects book had just the system.

It is basically an extension of the CD case I recently made: front and back pieces with pockets.  This little hanging organizer, though, let me try out grommets for the first time. When the directions say hammer the grommet together on something hard like cement, they mean it--those grommets aren't going anywhere!

IMG_5243 IMG_5245

{My lovely grommets I'm the most pleased with.}


I also used twill tape for the first time.  Just cut, stitch on, and then stamp.  I'm not a stamper but love this delightful alphabet set on many of my projects.  You can categorize by in, out, (meaning mail), coupons, bills, or for sewer's patterns shirts, pants, dresses, and such.  What a perfect idea if you're limited on space--as long as you have a wall you can have order.

I can't imagine all of the things you could organize for a child-specific one, too.

How do you remove the paper clutter in your home?

the sleepy time gal