a house of order: a vinyl pouch


This weekend reminded me how much I can't stand piles.  Piles of papers, fruit, half finished projects, clementine peels (from the kids, thank you) new toothbrushes and flossers from the most recent kids' dentist appointments--all over the kitchen table.


So yesterday I discovered a use for my new vinyl pouch I made: a rotating pouch of all things needing to go out and new things coming in.  It is a pouch I fill, slip in my purse, empty (at the post office,  church, the store (like receipts for returns), and refill with valuable little papers, note cards, or handouts that I can organize once home.

IF you want to try a vinyl pouch yourself, it is a 10 minute project, the kind of project I love.

  1. Cut a long rectangle of vinyl.
  2. Sew thin bias tape with a zig zag stitch along the two short ends of the vinyl rectangle.
  3. Fold one of the short ends of the rectangle up 1/3 of the way.  Stitch the two sides and carry the seam all the way up through the top bias tape.  (This just looks better than the upper sides not being stitched.)
  4. Sew wide decorative ribbon to the front of the pouch itself by simply sewing a seam along the side seams you already sewed.

You can close the pouch by either folding over the top flap or sliding the top into the decorative ribbon.

IMG_8929 IMG_8938

Johanna was all too enthused to be in the photo as the pouch model.  (She's really starting to look and act like a three year old!) IMG_8952

Another reason I love the vinyl pouch is so I don't have all of the loose papers in my purse.  If it is important, needs to be used, given to someone, or kept in my purse, it goes in the vinyl pouch.

If only I could make a vinyl pouch as large as my kitchen table that I could take my hand and just slide every unsightly thing into (and hide) that would be awesome.  At least this is a start.

How do you keep the piles and clutter down??

the sleepy time gal